MUMEI        $45,000.

Era  Kamakura (Around 1330)

 This sword is in Japan. We kindly appreciate for your understanding that it takes 4-5 weeks to delivery after the payment has received, and No Cancellation will be acceptrd.

Category  Wakizashi

 Length    51.45 cm

Hamon (tempering pattern) cyoji,kocyoji,gunome

Era: Kamakura (Around 1330)

NBTHK  Ceritificate:   Juyo Token

The blade has a well-formed ko-itame hada, with fine midare-utsuri.  The hamon is a mixture of choji and ko-choji based on gunome.  The hamon features many types of hataraki such as ashi, yo and a bright nioi-guchi.  Furthermore, long kinsuji are found in places.  The boshi is a deep midare-komi and returns in komaru.  The nakago is o-suriage with two mekugi-ana.  The current yasuri is kiri and the current nakago-jiri is kiri as well.  The Yoshioka Ichimonji tradition followed the Fukuoka Ichimonji tradition from the late Kamakura Period and ran through the Nanbokucho Period.  The representative smiths of this school were Sukemitsu, Sukeyoshi, Sukeshige among others. 

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