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Our Story

Since 2011, New York Nihonto Owners club has been devoted to preserving the spirit of Nihonto as sacred treasures.  It is founded by Kazuhiro Hayashi, who is a New York resident of 40 plus years and frequently flies to Japan in order to meet his new love of Nihonto.  (The photo shows him attending a Nihonto purification ceremony.) The organization has an access to Nihonto dealers all across Japan.  Hayashi only connects well to the ones who have eyes to see and know how to appreciate the treasures.  The organization works as a bridge between the dealers and US-based Nihonto owners and educates the world to protect the spirit of Nihonto so that we carefully convey them to the next generation.



1. Preserve the spirit of Nihonto


Nihonto, as sacred treasures, has been made with many hands of craft masters pursuing the internal beauty.  The beauty has been preserved even after 400 or 500 years. It is our responsibilities to protect the spirit of them and convey them to the next generation.

2. Take a good care like your own child


Don't just take care of them.  Cherish them.  We would like you to keep the dignity of the Nihonto-respect and admiration for its history, and the manner in handling them.


3. Share the spirit of Nihonto ownership


If in any case you have to give up your ownership, find a person who could understand the meaning of owning a Nihonto.  Talk to them.  Convey the important message the Nihonto has been carrying over time.  In the way, you can infuse life into the Nihonto and see it taking off to another hundreds of years of journey.

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