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Nihonto Meditation


Many of the decorative Nihonto were order-made by recognized swordsmiths and Nihonto masters for wealthy samurai families. They were meant to be guardians that prevented evil spirit and uneasy energy from coming into their houses.  They were typically sitting on the most sacred and peaceful spot in the house, receiving sincere appreciation from the family members as well as the house guests. There is no doubt that many
samurai were meditation masters.  Having created a sacred spot in the house, they were expected to remain calm and focused all the time.  Today there are many antique items in samurai household discovered to be so effective for successful meditation even in this modern time.  Nihonto is one of them.
Have you experienced losing your logical mind when viewing a nihonto for a long time?  You could keep your eyes on a nihonto in front of you while meditating.  You could also keep your eyes closed and feel the energy of it.  Either way, your nihonto works like a power stone for you.  Many nihonto were guardians to the owner families.  They protect you from unwanted energy.
Koro is a great companion.
Why Nihonto for meditation?
Koro, incense burner, is a must item if your sense gets eased by a certain scent. Find one of a kind Koro at our store.

Many samurai were meditation masters.

We offer purified Nihonto so they wouldn't disturb your mind.
Our Nihonto are okiyome-proof.  They were purified in Japan before coming to you. You never know what a 400 year old antique has attracted over the time even though Nihonto was meant to be a guardian.  Believe or not, antique items carry a complexion of energy in general.
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