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Purification ceremony

Many samurai were meditation masters.

Purification ceremony is an essential part of our life in Japan. The origin of it is much involved in Shinto, the states religion. Shintoism focuses on the existence and power of the kami, or gods, or spirits that exist in objects, places, and the nature, and especially in and throughout Japan. 
If you are in Japan, you face and involve in purification ceremonies and rituals of all sizes. For instance, you wash your hands and mouth before entering a shrine whether or not you are religious. It is a simplified, DIY version of purifying ritual. A bigger and professional version can be conducted when you have your house built. You hire a Shinto priest to purify the land before the construction begins just like hiring a wedding planner to have a wedding ceremony.


Two nihonto are placed on the shinden, the most sacred part of shrine, along with a bottle of sake and some seasalt. They are essential items for purification rituals.
This is a front look of the shinden, a beatiful setting. Facing to the golden shrine, a priest will chant.
Hayashi vows to the Shinden twice when the priest commences the ceremony and ends it.
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